Parenteral Nutrition / All-in-One

Fresenius Kabi can provide all your patients clinical nutrition requirements with an extensive Parenteral and Enteral product range.

Proud Parenterals

Parenterals are nutritional substrates (macro and micronutrients) as well as pharmaco-nutrients that are administered intravenously (either centrally or peripherally). These products are usually given in larger volumes, therefore grouped as large volume parenterals.

As a market leader in the field of Parenteral Nutrition, our aim is to provide vital support at every level of your care for patients requiring Parenteral Nutrition. As part of a worldwide network of companies, we offer a uniquely comprehensive range of products and services that maximise the opportunities for best patient outcome and quality of life.

With excellent, easily accessed medical information and customer services we deliver prompt, accurate responses, stability assessment of Parenteral Nutrition admixtures, education, training and unrivalled expertise. Committed to ensuring your patients receive the solution they need.

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Parenteral Nutrition:


Fresenius Kabi’s All-in-One technology comprises of bags compounded at the compounding unit based in Midrand, made from different single units in varying amounts, which allows the perfect bag to be selected based on each individual patient’s specific disease condition and therefore specific nutritional needs.

Variations include:

  • Varying macronutrient composition
  • Varying macronutrient sources
  • Adult and paediatric bags
  • Bags with or without Glutamine
  • With or without electrolytes
  • Central vein bags or peripheral vein bags
  • Varying volumes