M.T.R Smit Children's Haven

The M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven aims to create conditions for the optimum development of children in order to constitute a social investment in a healthy and able nation.

The Children’s Haven originated during the Great Flu of 1918, when a substantial number of parents died and children were orphaned. This led to the establishment of an orphanage at Ugie in the North-Eastern Cape, as a community based and community driven, non-subsidized welfare organisation. The Children’s Haven was officially established in 1922, when the government admitted the first children to the orphanage.

M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven, named after its founder, relocated to Port Elizabeth in 1987, in an effort to improve its capacity to render services to the community. This materialised after lengthy discussions between the government, community leaders, church denominations, and the Department of Education.

The Children’s Haven is a multi-racial institution, currently provides accommodation for 100 statutory children between the ages of 3-18 years. The Haven also aims at providing accommodation for the mentally disabled children who have been removed from parental care in terms of the Child Care Act.

The Haven is currently in the process of broadening the scope of its services with the total community in mind, building a retirement village on the premises of the Children’s Haven. This combination will offer a unique opportunity for children and retired residents to interact on a daily basis.

The Haven is of the firm conviction that it can deliver a substantial contribution to the general well-being of the community.

Since 2004 Fresenius Kabi South Africa has supported the M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven by assisting in covering the children’s medical costs.


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