Lebone House

Fresenius Kabi sheds a little light on Lebone

Lebone Care Centre is a non-profit organization that seeks to uplift the lives of the people within their local community in Bloemfontein. It is a care centre for children who are either infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty. Lebone is also a development centre, which seeks to provide skills training and employment to both young and old with the aim of helping the less fortunate become self sufficient.

Lebone House is a holistic care centre for children, which embraces, affirms and adheres to all aspects of their human rights. 

The primary aim of Lebone House is to provide all its children with a loving environment, in which their physical, emotional and psychological needs are cared for. Here they are given, amongst other things, endless love and acceptance, a safe environment in which to develop, clothing, food, education and medical care. From the time a child is welcomed into Lebone House and for the duration of his or her childhood life, Lebone House undertakes to nurture all residents and cultivate valuable citizens.

Lebone Edu-Centre educates the children of Lebone House, from birth to school-leaving age and provides an education to those who are denied access due to poverty.

Lebone Agricultural Production and Nursery comprises 11 hectares of land, a suspension net of  2500 m2 and a tunnel that runs under the vegetable garden, from which more than 600 people are fed and a small income is generated. The nursery produces seedlings for vegetable production, as well as some for selling and for the trainees who are assisted in starting their own vegetable garden at home.   

Lebone Skills Development Centre has fifteen sections where 74 to 100 people are empowered with a skill, and thereby given the opportunity to generate an income.

Lebone Training & Counselling Centre handles basic HIV/AIDS education and home-based care, community-based orphan care and support, pastoral, bereavement, grief, as well as pre- and post- test counseling. There are food and clothing banks, which support this programme. The centre also provides social support in the form of facilitating workshops between the Department of Home Affairs and the community where the people are assisted with applications for ID Documents, Birth Certificates, Pensions and Grants.

Fresenius Kabi South Africa Helps Out

The Care Centre has no stable monthly income and relies solely on donations to fund its operation. Fresenius Kabi has supported the Lebone House since 2005 by contributing towards the children’s medical costs, and more recently, Fresenius Kabi South Africa has extended its hands by creating the Fresenius Kabi Medical Hub.

According to Wilna Stapelberg, Managing Director of Fresenius Kabi South Africa “This onsite medical centre has long been a great need at Lebone and it is wonderful to have this facility where we can now provide quality medical care for our children from our House Managers as well as our volunteer doctor, Dr Christine Boshoff. This all because of the generosity of Fresenis Kabi.”

Fresenius Kabi South Africa is dedicated to improving the lives of the youth in South Africa.