Our Business Fields

Intravenously Administered Medicines Fresenius Kabi offers a broad range of intravenously administered generic medicines across a wide array of therapeutic categories: oncology drugs, anesthetics & analgesics, anti-infectives, critical care drugs. For the administration of these products, the company provides the related medical devices.

Infusion Therapy

For infusion therapy, Fresenius Kabi offers products for fluid and blood volume replacement. Moreover, Fresenius Kabi’s product portfolio includes a broad range of infusion technologies as well as disposables for the delivery of medication for all pharmaceuticals administered via the vein.

Clinical Nutrition

Within clinical nutrition, Fresenius Kabi is one of the few companies worldwide to offer parenteral nutrition (administered intravenously) and enteral nutrition (administered as sip or tube feed via the gastrointestinal tract), as well as nutrition pumps and infusion disposables.

Parenteral nutrition avoids the gastrointestinal tract


Enteral nutrition uses the gastrointestinal tract

Both serve to help patients who cannot eat any, or sufficient, normal food. This is especially the case for patients in intensive care units, for patients who are seriously ill and with malnutrition. When the patient leaves the hospital the ambulatory services of Fresenius Kabi can care for the patient and provide him with the necessary products. Medical Devices and Transfusion Technology

We offer medical devices used to administer I.V. generic drugs, infusion therapies and clinical nutrition products.

Within transfusion technologies, Fresenius Kabi provides products for whole blood collection and processing as well as for transfusion medicine and cell therapies.

Comprehensive portfolio to prepare and deliver life-saving fluids safely and efficiently