I.V. Fluids and Urology

Fresenius Kabi manufactures and markets a complete range of licensed standard intravenous solutions for all your infusion therapy requirements.

Standard Solutions refer to Fresenius Kabi South Africa’s crystalloids range, which are intravenous fluids with low molecular weight ions (salts), with or without dextrose. These fluids can either be balanced, hypertonic or hypotonic.

Fresenius Kabi manufactures a complete range of standard intravenous infusion solutions for all your infusion therapy requirements.


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I.V. Fluids & Urology:

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What is freeflex®

Infusion therapy is becoming an increasingly complex and challenging area of medicine mainly because of the need for heightened safety, specialisation of infusion protocols (antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, etc.) and the introduction of new drugs with complex handling protocols and stability issues.

As such freeflex® is a new generation flexible infusion bag that meets the demands of evolving infusion therapy. The features of the container play an important and constantly increasing role in fulfilling these requirements.

All components of freeflex® (film, ports and overwrap) are made from PVC-free materials without plasticisers, adhesives or latex. It has also been designed to minimise its impact on the environment throughout its life-cycle.

All production steps (bag production, filling, overwrapping, sterilisation, and packaging) are carried out in single interruption free process under clean room conditions.

The freeflex® container is suitable for a host of different types of IV solutions. Its benefits arise from its aforementioned materials, the patented ship shape port technology and the innovative product concept (consisting of material, bag design, port technology and overwrap).

Fresenius Kabi has a broad competence in flexible container technology for infusion and clinical nutrition therapy. Eight years after the introduction of the first flexible infusion container by Fresenius Kabi, the 3rd generation of freeflex® containers is now available. In anticipation of current and future customer needs this was the base for new innovations to further improve handling and safety. Four patents were realised in the new freeflex® technology underlining the level of innovation of this container.

The main advantages of freeflex® can be summarised as:

  • Easy handling
  • Enhanced safety
  • Excellent drug compatibility
  • Environmentally friendly